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party at 7glory days. >> and a pleasant friday night for orioles baseball. big changes by sunday for that game here. we'll talk about it coming up. >> and that's how the scam starts. how prisons may be trying to take your money. the news starts right now. >> oh, my goodness, what a game. doing this the easy way. really tight game with the rangers. score, 3-1. bottom of the 7th. and thanks for turning away for a second. you just can't watch it because you are on those pins and needles. we have team coverage tonight. cheryl conor is out live. we start down in enemy territory in texas. what does it look like down there? >> reporter: the first you might notice i put this jacket on. it is cold here. earlier i was walking around sweating and the temperatures have dropped 20 degrees. tough for the rangers to come back. the ball is not going to carry now that the temperature dropped. still 3-1 orioles. rangers fans are tense. i managed to find orioles fans in texas and talk to them earlier today. >> just after the orioles took the field for their first playoff game in 15 years, they list
, three hours and 37 minutes. orioles fans have waited for this for all of our lives. for those who just jumped on the bandwagon, a beautiful night. we're all out, trying to find a tv to watch it on, and for the first time since 1975 we got the baltimore coats. they were winning. now the ravens and the orioles are winning at the same time. i want to bring in brian kuebler. we're walking around like zombies. we can't wait for 8:37. >> there's a weird image. no one would look you in the eye, a very nervous anxiousness. let's show you what we found. >> utah street is lined with egg shells. >> no one wants to talk about it. >> reporter: there's a quite anxiety at the yard today, almost eerie, really. it's been 15 years and this franchise finds itself one game away. regardless of this team's record, a playoff game would pung wait this remarkable season. >> you don't want to spoil it. >> reporter: which is why there is not much baseball talk. this hat is about all he wants to show. he, like everyone else is tiptoeing so as not to disturb the baseball reality and fantasy, letting all passers by
p.m. >> good evening, everybody. the orioles journey to the world series may have ended, but some fans are already looking forward to next season. we are live it camden yard with the reaction to the spectacular season. >> it is hard to believe the season is over. and number of orioles fans wanted to express their gratitude to the team, so they decided to design the thank you card. as you can say, there is not much room left, which was totally expected after such an amazing season. >> thank you, orioles, for bringing excitement back to baseball. >> orioles fans could not wait to sign the thank you card for their beloved team. >> i have been an orioles fan as long as i can remember. >> i want them to know the city has their back, win or lose. they did a good job this year. >> it is their way of saying thank you to the team after making baseball relevant again in baltimore, by bringing back post season play after a 15-year drought. >> people were staying up late for the extra innings. it was really exciting. it was the best feeling in the world. >> the orioles trip ended friday night
, a big story, the orioles and new york for game 3 of the divisional series against the new york yankees. now that the orioles tied things up at one-one, they need two more wins to get out of the bronx with a when. there will be at least two more games between the orioles and yankees. game three begins at 7:37 tonight. the winner has two chances to win an advance to the alcs, by the winner, we mean the orioles of course. and the mayor is calling for more orange during a rally outside city hall. she encouraged people to where orange and support of the birds. robbie joins us with more accurate course there's a banner out of city hall, saying good luck orioles. >> go! o-r-i-o-l-e-s! hundreds gathered to show support for the orioles. and tonight and new york city. the new banner, which hangs right in front of city hall. everyone is excited about the orioles. >> we are going to make it always starting with this year. [applause] >> how amazing has this month been? >> it reminds me of 1966 when the orioles won the world series. that is the feeling we have today. that is the feeling that i want
no game 163 tomorrow for the baltimore orioles. >> they suffered a defeat against the tampa bay race. they could not keep the possibility of the tiebreaker game with the yankees alive for the division title but would not have mattered anyway because new york crushed boston. >> the post season ball is still in the future for the o's. kai spent the evening with passionate o's fans. we begin with pico -- pete gilbert in st. petersburg. >> the orioles lose the battle tonight but the world will continue friday in arlington, texas. they ran into incredible pitching. if evan longoria had been healthy for those 85 games he missed, the rays probably have won the american league east. crista the mound tonight, hoping to get his ninth victory of the year. had they won, but with the post of the what carter on friday. what a show evan put on. 1-0, tampa. he hit 3 homeruns on the evening. the orioles did get 1 run in th 9th. afterwards, you have to wonder if they were down after the defeat. not at all, they say. >> that cannot come close to describing our locker room right now. it is a tough
stadium with orioles fans. we begin with more on -- with gerry sandusky. >> get ready for the mother of all anxiety. buckle up. the orioles have gone the extra innings in game 3 of the als, tied at 2. heading to the top of the 12th. raoul ibanez tied the game in the ninth inning off jim johnson who gave up his second home run of the series. ryan flattery and manny machado those making history with a solo home runs for the orioles. the first two orioles' rookie ever to hit home runs in the postseason. they have gone to the 12th inning. we see later on in sports, with a little luck, we have -- -- we will have a winning or real highlights for you. >> right now it would go out to lowell. >> he has some o's fans who were strong enough to make the trek there. >> this was a spur of the moment thing yesterday. decided let's see if we can go to the game. we were able to find tickets online. nice having a little road trip up here. getting to see the city a little bit. being here, has been awesome so far reflects i love it. at him appear when the caps play the rangers. >> the yankee stadium was
the dream sequence. a chance for orioles magic tonight against the tampa bay rays. pete gilbert joins us live from st. petersburg. this is its. >> you are not getting. if they win, they are guaranteed to play a wild card game on friday. if they win and the yankees lose, then it will be a game tomorrow at camden yards against new york for the american league east. plenty of fans have come down to represent. what an unbelievable -- we have all these fans on the road supporting the orioles'. let's take a look at what we have seen. and unbelievably remarkable campaign in 2012. and the idea that something extraordinary was going to happen in fenway -- chris davis. 16th, 17th innings. the orioles somehow beat the red sox. in june, and jones dividend. this time, against the phillies. fors like they've made up generations of bad plays in one season. and not just the star's. other players got a ball off home runs. 10,000 kids became stands for lot. -- for life. he knew something magic could happen. >> probably in august, when everybody expected us to start dating. everybody said "the orioles are
an arson. >> it's omazing time as the orioles get set to take on the texas rangers in that one do or die playoff game. >> make it or break it. we want to send it out to jeff hager who is at buffalo wild wings getting a feeling of the crowd. >> reporter: right now it's the mumbling. there's a buzz in the air and it's growing louder and louder. the o's fans have been on the same roller coaster ride. they were looking at about a 12-hour day, counting down until that game that all eyes will be on tonight. it may sound like any other day here at vehicle service plus in bel air but a glance at this sign tells us all thoughts are on the orioles beating the rangers. >> it's going to be a tough game but i think we'll do well. even though we're in texas, we'll do well. the bull pen is hanging in there. >> reporter: the plaque and orange is evident -- black and orange is evident on main street. >> it's been so exciting. they're a young team. it's great to see them playing so hard. it really gets you excited for the orioles. >> reporter: city leaders are also feeling the o's magic. >> we're e
. >> the orioles are playoff bound. the orioles will play on in october for the first time in 15 years. >> the plane was diverted to jacksonville. >> the plane was inspected and was cleared and everybody landed in tampa safely. the orioles took a lead in the game. nate mclouth hit a home run. j.j. hardy hit a home run in the fourth inning. the orioles went on to win 6-3, sweeping the red sox. the orioles are in the playoffs. keith mills will have more later in sports. >> kim dacey is live outside camden yards. >> how are the orioles faithful reacting to this amazing season? >> it has been amazing. fans cannot be more excited. the orioles swept the red sox. that win has guarantee them a spot in the playoffs for the first time since 1997. they are still tied with the yankees for first place. the big win last night has fans amped up. this has been a long time coming. it has been 15 disappointing seasons. >> i've been a fan since they were bad. this is my 22nd game of the season. i've been to a lot of games. i love to see them win. >> this city loves baseball. the city goes crazy. >> pete
but running smoothly without delay. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> the wake is over for orioles fans. a playoff berth for the first time since 1997. >> the orioles have a minor incident on their flight. the flight had to be diverted because of smoke. >> the plane was cleared. they landed in tampa safely. >> it didn't take long for the orioles to take the lead. a common for nate mclouth -- a home run for nate mclouth. a home run for j.j. hardy. the orioles swept the red sox. the orioles had to wait for the angels to lose to texas and that guaranteed the orioles a playoff spots. keith mills will have more coming up in sports. let's talk about the fans. the orioles have received a lot of support throughout the season. >> kim dacey joins us live without the fans are reacting to this season. >> fans cannot be more excited. the orioles swept the red sox this weekend. that win coupled with the angels' loss has guarantee them a spot in the playoffs for the first time since 1997. they are still tied with the yankees for first place in the a.l. east. the final three games of the season in
'll talk about how things change by friday coming up. >>> all right, orioles. fans, keep your hands up. it's another day. >> there's a chance the orioles can tie it. let's go to christian schaffer. we'll get to james shields. you can count on that. >> the orioles could still win that division. if they don't, they're hoping to secure the game. the orioles are wrapping up. you'll see mark reynolds where he played so well and like they decide last night at tropicana field, the orioles, when they take the field, will have a decent crowd behind them. these orioles fans just arrived in st. petersburg today. >> i'm hoping that half the people are our fans. >> reporter: jim lives in new orleans but grew new baltimore county idolizing you know who. >> there were two thinks we fought about in little lig, who would be short stop and who would wear number eight. >> reporter: katy is originally from pg county. >> if they actually make the playoffs, i will have to make a trip to clam den -- camden yards. >> to win the next two games, hopefully take down the yankees, wen the als. >> the whole hope is the
but the orioles are playing. who says you cannot wear two ties at once? i took your advice. >> he is definitely pulling it off. >> thurston howell iii. >> it is chilly to start. take a lightweight jacket or tie around.t extra enjoy this nice weather. first we say good morning to sarah. >> shaking my head. i do not know about that look. we are tracking a problem in brooklyn at 10th avenue. watch for possible delays. not bad towards 70. looking good on 70 in towards the beltway. 61 out of the white marsh area. the area bridges checking out ok 11 minutes on the outer loop northeast side. 10 minutes to go south on 95 from the beltway southwest to 32. traffic is building at the fort mchenry. a nice start north and southbound. this is 295. south block traffic is still moving at a good clip down towards 32 -- southbound traffic moving at a good clip down towards 32. [ballpark organ plays] >> for the first time since 1997, the baltimore orioles are playing postseason baseball. >> they are hoping for orioles magic against the rangers. pete gilbert is in arlington with what the birds will face tonight. >
and the orioles and fans are still celebrating. it out businesses are gearing up for the big game. and how both campaigns are using the september jobs report to their advantage of the campaign trail. mostly cloudy today, a chance of rain on the way. the forecast coming out. captioned by the national captioning institute >>> it is really exciting. i think the whole town has orange and purple fever for the first time in a long time. and that is really cool. >> go orioles! >>> good evening. the orioles postseason run continues after beating texas last night, preparing for game 1 of the alds sunday against the yankees. also preparing, the hotels and bars and vendors, the city getting ready for postseason baseball. >> 24 hours from now, oriole park at camden yards will be the center of baltimore's attention as the orioles face the yankees in game one of the american league division series, 6:15 sunday night. local companies from print shops to retail shops were busy putting out merchandise like these t-shirts. a war up all night basically working to get them to the stores. -- they
close. >> reporter: take a look. you can see some of the orioles have taken the field. they are ready to go. you saw all the orioles fans. the fans were looking for something to do. many went to historic ybor city. many of the old buildings are here as well as the practice of lefthand rolling si -- hand rolling cigars. >> i think them keeping up with it is bet are -- better. they are both from cuba. >> they don't have added stuff, just 100% natural. >> reporter: denny of firchtionberg -- finksburg agrees. >> it will always rejuvenate but to watch them roll their own, it's a nice touch. >> reporter: he and his friend traveled to orioles. with time to kill during the day -- >> e -- ybor city. >> the young kids are exceptional. it's fun to watch. >> reporter: okay. i've got three ybor city cigars with our names on it -- me, jamie and kelly. tomorrow night at camden yards. the orioles can pull those off. let's say the three of us celebrate. what do you think? >> you got it. a victory cigar. >> reporter: back at 5:30 some of the players. >> not only is the theme in limbo, s
of the orioles fans, mostly clad in orange. taking his cuts in the cage and a lot of those fans, it doesn't feel like a home game for the orioles. let's be honest. the crowds are in it. when the orioles do play well, there's a big response, maybe a thousand, a couple thousand in attendance. they're excited. the orioles themselves, they talked about trying to stay focus but, of course, it's human nature. they are looking ahead to who they're going play, where they're going to play and how. they talked about that a short sometime ago. doesn't matter. we got to play whoever -- i don't think anybody cares as long as you have the opportunity to extend your season. who cares. >> there's always english ti. in matter how long you play, you get this nervous excitement. you just don't know how long you're going to get there and you don't know until you get back there and cherish every moment that goes pie quick. it's the funniest time you'll ever experience in baseball and enjoy every minute and really reflect on everything that's going to happen. >> what an amazing influence it's got to be to have a i do
with the team. >> it was a game -- two very good pitchers of the to their expectations. the orioles blank first and made a big mistake. they battled back and had a comeback that came up just short. they no longer control their own destiny in the american league east but with a representation from orioles fans here. they were loud. bottom seventh. jimenez breaks open the game with a 2 rbi double. topped by chris davis. he is on. 6 straight game with a home run. hit the ceiling. do you know how hard that is to do? at the joint afterwards understanding the magnitude of losing this game and not keeping pace with the yankees. >> we cannot take care of our business. cannot control other people. we lost. that is something we had control over. when it comes to the yankees, you cannot control them. or angels when -- if the a's or angels win, that would eliminate tampa. coming up later, we hear about tonight's game from chris davis. >> the o's turn to the postseason has been a long time coming to request the last time they reached the playoffs, nanny machado was 5. adam jones was 12. if that does that to
>> this should come as no surprise, the orioles and yankees once again in extra innings. >> the orioles hope to extend their posts in magic. lowell melser joins us live outside yankee stadium with orioles fans who made the trip up north. we were just saying how this has become the signature of the orioles, these long games. >> right into the postseason. nine innings will not do, they have gone to extra innings again at yankee stadium. we cannot show you the highlights was a game in extra innings, but right now and the bottom of the 10th, tied at 1, mark teixeira just walz. the yankees have won run on. another remarkable night tonight at yankee stadium, to bring us to the bottom of the 10th, tied at one. i will see a little later in sports. >> 13 coverage continues with lowell melser rejoins us -- our team coverage continues. >> some very tense moments throughout the evening here at yankee stadium. the orioles had the lead 1-0 and the yankees tied it up, 1-1. i am looking at the scoreboard behind me, bottom of the 10th with two outs. we got a chance to watch the orioles d
led better. you said you've been a long time orioles fan. how long as it been since post season. >> in the '90s. it's long overdue. >> reporter: you've only had 48 hours. what it been like for the last 48 hours? >> the last 48 hours, a little stressful. not sure if they're going this make. it you're watching the oakland series, the texan series. i can tell you this team has the pitching. they have the defense. they have the three-run home run. that's 1983 all over again. >> reporter: i have to bring in chad. texas ranger fan. chad, explain why you're here. >> army officer at the proving ground. >> reporter: we'rement going to use the word choke. aren't army people supposed to adapt to their surroundings? i'm wondering where the o's cap is. thank you so much chad. thank you, william. people from texas, big and proud but doing down tonight if you ask an of the orioles fans. >> it's not too late to get his kid a hat. maybe we can work on that later. >>> the place to be around town is all around town. it's either someplace out on the street, backyard, bar or just find the largest tv
>> the orioles postseason magic makes a triumphant return to camden yards after a 15-year hiatus. we're live against the yankees. the pharmacy it linked to the deadly outbreak issues a wide recall as maryland deals with its third case. a solemn service to remember some of the nation's greatest. the touching tribute to honor one of baltimore county's fallen firefighters. >> you are watching wbal 11. this is 11 news at 6:00. >> i am deborah weiner. the big season is post-season baseball returns to camden yards for the first time in 15 years. the orioles are waiting to take on the bronx bombers in the first game of the division series. home pride is running deep. we have live coverage. john collins has an update on the forecast. pete gilbert has a preview of the big game. we begin with sheldon dutes live outside of oriole park with all the excitement. >> the rain has started to come down heavier in the past five minutes. that is not stopping the fans from having a good time. people are gearing up for the game this afternoon. there is a rain delay for this evening's game. no word on
. -- a live view. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> they live to play another day. the orioles postseason magic sticks around in the bronx. >> in another close low scoring game went into extra innings, they come out on top. they scored first in the top of the fifth. the orioles were up 1-0. and a bigger play on defense of the bottom of the fifth. he tracked down a fly ball. and then it gets it back to first in time for a double play. amazing. ending a potential big inning for the yankees. new york would tie the game and nine innings would not be enough. and then j.j. hardy hits a rbi double. we have more from the yankees stadium. >> in the eighth inning well before this would come to an end there seemed a sense of inevitability, dread. two men on, nobody out. but the orioles did it again. at some point we will have to accept that, if you doubt this team, doubt at your own risk. >> great pitching staff. >> 9-9 during the regular season, 2-2. it is going to be an intense fun game tomorrow. >> that is the way the game is. we all a competing together. we all care about each other.
the orioles ahead of tomorrow night's match up down there in texas. >> a sense of --. >> on the weather front 80 degrees on this october day. 71 normal. we have been as hot as 92. the weather winner from new freedom, patty jeffreys, you get the abc2 umbrella. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. . >>> the health alert. the government taking a deadly meningitis outbreak, including one case in our state. in is a fungus, can't be transferred person to person. we got in touch with a medical editor to explain the symptoms. >> people, the things to watch
. in a must win situation against the yankees. what do you do if you are an orioles fan in new york city and you do not have a ticket? lowell melser joins us. >> as we have been showing you all week, orioles fans have been here. what do you do if you are a baltimore fan and you live in new york city or are visiting and you want to watch the game on your own? we found a place on the east side of manhattan. down in union square on the lower east side is a place ravens and orioles fans need to know about whether you live in the city or are just visiting. the sidebar is are ravens are during football season and sense the orioles' seventh pick up steam, it has become an o's bar as well. >> i sent e-mail to all my ravens fans. change the purple to orange. >> the owner says he is seeing a lot of current. >> -- a lot of orange. >> we found plenty of folks from the baltimore area living in manhattan restate it is nice to find a comfortable atmosphere to watch a game. >> it is nice to cheer on your home team and not be around yankees fans. is good to be around orioles fans. >> been in new york, pe
special going on with the orioles. getting here for the orioles last night was a bit of a challenge. there was a small a bit of smoke coming out of the galley. it was a coffee issue, apparently. they had to have an emergency landing in jacksonville. >> not really. we're fine. we are fine. >> it did delay your ability to celebrate. >> we are alive and well. >> it was a little rough. kind of fitting for the day, you know? >> some different views on what it was like. once they got to the hotel, it was not what they had planned. you were at the team hotel last night when they arrived. they had planned a party. what was a light? >> they were ready to go, anticipating what would be a giant party. because of the delay, the players got their, there was a little toast and everybody went to bed. there is more work to do. >> do you think this will affect them? what they had to deal with last night. >> if there is anything, it is the team. you have to stop off in january -- in jacksonville, but that team looked ready to go. >> thank you very much. as far as the playoffs scenario, despite the fa
support. the orioles do. but we think about the players and the fans come at all dabbling together to watch tv. -- when we think about the players and the fans, together to watch tv. he hoped the video feed did not go out. the players, overall, the would have enjoyed that, but this is a spot in the playoffs. >> anytime you are -- every game you win, it gives you that much more momentum. for us, we have that a lot at stake trying to win the wild card. i'm trying to get in the playoffs. >> it would have been cool to do with whether home fans there. -- with our home fans there. it did not happen. a lot of fans made the trip down here. a lot of baltimore media made the trip down here. >> we have orioles fans showing up. >> absolutely. we were here monday and tuesday. >> fans back in baltimore. >> people are excited in this town. it has been a long time, but finally, the orioles are going to the playoffs. >> he has been an orioles fan since his dad took him to his first game in 1958. >> i had a feeling, but i never wanted to say it. it has been a big surprise. i of never seen the atmosp
this morning. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. [ballpark organ plays] >> the orioles are waking up in texas to play their first playoff game in 15 years. >> pete gilbert is down in arlington with the team. hoping to keep the post season magic alive. >> buck showalter had two choices to go with his starting pitcher on friday. he went with experience. joe saunders' numbers are not very good in this ballpark. those numbers may be misleading. >> i threw my first complete game here. i lost 3-2. i lost 1-0. the record shows for its self but does not show what i have done. a few bad starts. >> now the book on the rangers is thorough than a lefty. they are struggling against left-handed pitchers. pete gilbert, wbal-tv 11 news. >> keith mills will have more when it joins us later in sports. >> jennifer franciotti is live outside camden yards this morning. what is the vive? >> it has been so unbelievable. it is a great time to be a baltimore sports time. for businesses, a little tricky because they play tonight but they are away. they are printing generic orioles t-shirt. at the renaissance
. >> the orioles are here for their first playoff game since 97 and we have a preview coming up. >> and a look at your lone star forecast for the big game tomorrow night and the big changes for the weekend. >> if you had ever had back pain you would do whatever you can to get rid of it. >> and that includes steriod spots in to your spine but some of them are turning deadly. tonight we are learn that hundreds, maybe thousands in 2 dozen states could be at risk. if you have had a steriod shot in your back in the past two and a half months, if you have stroke like symptoms, a fever, headache, you need to get to your doctor. >> seven clinics got the product in maryland. all of them have pulled it and they have in the process of contacting any patients who may have been exposed. >> reporter: here is the list. the hartford county center in edgewood, the center of belaire, the interventional pain management. bockville. the specialist in townsend. green spring, and zion both in baltimore. >> all lots of this product were made in massachusetts at the new england compounding center. >> reporter: the
the road of an unexpected magical orioles postseason run. it went down tonight in the fifth of a hard-fought series. the yankees took it 3-1. sarh is live downtown with the team is expected to arrive within the next half hour. pete in new york. disappointment but what an amazing ride. >> it will call for unlike any other in orioles history. craziest season in all the years they have played in baltimore. a week ago tonight, we were celebrating in taxes as they warmed the wildcards the battle the yankees. they did not have as good a starting pitcher as did new york. interesting kraut early on. -- crowd early on. sixth inning, orioles trailing 1-0. nate mccloud crashed. for a foul. the umpires said foul. it was reviewed and is it yes, it was a foul. but at one point, what do we see? and looked like it had been clipped off the pole. i do not know. bottom of the seventh. solo shot there. that made it 3-1. >> i am not criticizing because i have not seen it. if it was that close that they could not tell, and it is just one of those things. >> it is what it is. he was tough all nigh
pood evening, i'm jenniier's beenn15 years sincc the orioles last made the, the o's had a chance to clinnh a spot littll help.eason with a help.sportt direetor bruce &pcunninnham joins us now to se if the birds popped the chhmpagne tonight... brucc. those of us who have been aaound a while rrmember exactly how this feell....f yyu haven't,'s the lass day oo septeeber, and the &porioles are still alive, aad post-season..the first time - we've had that feeling in 15 long years... bottom of the 5th...oriooes leading 5-1...chris davis has been a wrecking ball thiss pwek....hammers it to right centee...gone or his 31ss home run of the year...5th in the past 4 games...birds up &pjohnson gets te grounder tt short...that's your ballgame... johnson earns is 50th save... only the 10th player to reach 50 ii baseball history... oriolee sweep thh red sox 6-3 birds have their highest ..he - attendance ince 2007...ttat's something buck showalter hopee will continue... much more from the orioles... &pincluding thh latest standing in both the al east and
orioles season. >> no more home games for the orioles this season. i'm live at camden yards with reaction from fans on this magical season. >> a chilly start to the weekend this friday night. frost by daybreak but huge changes for sunday. all the details straight ahead. >> they might pay $1 for something and we might be paying $1.79. >> how to take advantage of good pricing. >> abc 2 news at 11:00 starting right now. >>> the o's fought hard last night and took it to game 5. yankees cc sebathian was mast er masterful. we have live team coverage. jamie cosgareay live outside yankees stadium. don't you hate to lose to them than any other team in baseball? >> reporter: yes, i do. a lot of chances for the orioles to win tonight, they just couldn't get a big hit. jason, ham elevators, a great starts pitcher. we had joe saunders who just -- they were just great. here's the controversial call that turned the game around. o's down 1-0. it's a long fly ball down the line. did it hit the foul pole? yes, it did. the replays show it did. it would have tied the game. it was called foul. the empire ed u
and they are printing generic orioles church right now, but a win friday means putting things in high gear and creating the divisional series shirts. >> we are hoping going into this series that they are going to win friday so we can come and start printing on saturday. gosh, we look forward to having all the fans here for those games if we can pull it off. >> a friday when will mean a huge boom in business has traditionally yankees fans come to baltimore in droves. >> new york fans are very supportive. they're famous for coming to baltimore for the games, so we are looking forward to that demand, if it happens, come saturday. >> and there is a beer. the employees are waiting with bated breath. not only do they supply beer to area bars and restaurants, but they have a very important client of vital this sunday and monday. >> camden yards is our big clients with 40,000 people down there. >> a ton of be ready to go with the orioles win. but all they can do is wait. >> we are sitting back and waiting. i want a beer, i don't want a beer, so, you know. >> baltimore city may have an
's it like to be around the dream team? >> the orioles are pleased but they're not satisfied. they said they want to overtake the yankees in the last three games. to do it, they have to beat the tampa bay rays. they will have to win all three games, plus a few other things have to happen. this is a large indoor stadium and the orioles are here in it doing their batting process. when they take the field later this evening, they will have some support in the crowd. >> when you've been waiting 15 years a two-hour flight doesn't seem so long. he used to sit with his dad in the bleachers of memorial stadium. >> i could zoom in on players. >> reporter: this season he said he was less than optimistic but then the oral spent the -- orioles spent the summer shocking them. >> they've been a great surprise, really. >> reporter: that's why he finds himself on a flight from bwi to tampa along with a lot of other orioles fans. >> it will be a good time to go to florida. >> a short flight to see something that's been a long time coming. >> it would be really nice to see. >> reporter: tough game tonigh
orioles' post-season is our big story. >> the orioles trailed 5-1 when chris davis hit a homerun. the orioles could not complete the comeback. gerry sandusky will have highlights and reaction coming up later this morning. fans back in baltimore are still very thrilled the playoff drought is over. >> you can share your orioles spirit tonight. d last nightebrate near camden yards. the classic cartoon oriole logo with bringing back the magic. >> absolutely. this is what brought it back. never stop. never stop. >> i get laughed out for the past 14 years. now people at work one ago, the orioles are doing grade. >> the orioles chances of winning the world series is 14 to 1. the orioles are now one game behind the yankees in the a.l. east. if they end up tied, there will be a one game tiebreaker. tickets will be available to fans. the intent is to pack camden yards with orioles fans. >> thank you. a baltimore county firefighter is charged with sexually assaulting two teenage boys. this may be the tip of the iceberg. kim dacey joins us live with details. what the police say the -- what d
the reaction says that all as the orioles bottle back to even the series against the yankees. highlights of reactions from players. >> the orioles fans are ready to cheer the team on the all the way to the world series. we're live at camden yard with the latest. >> form policy plays a part in domestic politics this week. that story next. -- foreign policy plays a part in domestic politics this week. >> 11 news continues right now. >> you are watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news today as 6:00. >> good morning. as think you for joining us. -- thank you for joining us. another day of mourning. to go a lot of it should clear out. may hang along the eastern shore a little bit later. we have 48 as the current temperature. that is a chilly start to the day. temperatures are below average into the afternoon as high as barely make it up to the upper 50s. fog this morning in showers as well. mostly cloudy for the rest of the day. ocean city in eastern shore may deal with the showers through the early morning and clear out in the afternoon. a slight warming u
are ready. they have their orange friday schurz on. they will watch the first orioles playoff game since 1977. here is just a sample of how fans are feeling. >> i am ready. >> do you think we can do it? >> i know so. i had a private conversation with reynolds earlier in the week. >> i know he is 0-6 against the rangers, but he has a lot of issues coming behind him. there is no doubt in my mind that he has three of the most amazing people behind him. >> we will have to play the yankees of all people. >> for the city of baltimore, it will be huge. the yankee fans won't be able to get tickets because we have bought them all. >> wouldn't it be something if they could play the yankees? fans know that they have to get past texas first. you can tell that they were nervous as well. we're live downtown. >> looking for the orioles biggest fan, we found the light, very excited. don't change me until the game is over, that can get a little smelly. go to the mobile application to share your photos for a 11 news. a bar fight ends with a man murdered and police are hoping that newly released surveillan
are next. >> the orioles face a heartbreaking loss leaving their playoff hopes hanging in the balance. >> wbal tv 11. live, local, late breaking. >> thanks for joining us. >> let's check the current conditions. 46 at the airport. the dewpoints are only in the '40's. we will check the forecast going into the weekend. >> good morning. good morning, everyone. we have some early morning problems. everything has been cleared, including the absence we had a long 50. fort mchenry checking out. continuing to move fine on the harrisburg expressway. 63 making your way down toward mount carmel. if you want to travel on 95, we are at 55 miles an hour. continuing to move well down into howard county. same thing of the west side. there is a live look outside. an update from our camera. that checks out ok in both directions. we switch over the south of the beltway. continuing at this pace all the way into town. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> we are falling in developing story, an overnight fire. it claims the home of five -- lives of five people and injures others, including firefighters
. >> the orioles and their fans are flying at an all-time high this morning after they took down the yankees last night. >> after a disappointing performance two nights ago, jim johnson returned to his style, helping out the o's. more on the big winner from inside camden yards. >> after sunday night's game when jim johnson gave up five runs in the ninth inning, everyone afterwards said they had no reservations about him getting the ball again. they cannot wait for him to do so. and he did. he proved very worried -- worthy of that respect. >> we all trust each other here. we are all grown men. we have had our bombs along the way. -- bumps along the way. it is one of those teams atmospheres. i have never been in a clubhouse like that. that's what makes this year more special and fun. >> he was missing location last line. something he really does. he has got no fear. i do not think any of us doubted he would have that results in line. >> you want to get a win in front of the home fans. got it as new york, it is going to be tough. it is good for us to get the win. >> you cannot overstate the importan
that wasn't the case. they are on administrative duties as the investigation continues. >> the orioles are going to texas. last year they ended with a 69- 93 record. this year it's a turned around. 93-59. slugging the most home runs ever by an orioles team but this is evan longoria night. three homers, in the 4-1 win but the wild card team. a win there sends them back home to camden yards. stop it, don't want to see that. ? the orioles have a day to get ready for the game. >> now it comes down to the wild card game on friday night. we are live in saint pete. a rough night to watch. >> reporter: it was. a lot of fans waiting for something to happen. they haven't done anything the easy way. they figured why start now? when it was a rough night for the orioles bats again which was the same story as last night. unlike last night they gave up a few runs and the rays managed to get the win. if the or could have gotten the win the wild card friday would have been at camden yards. instead it'll be in texas. the home of the range hoarse have been in the world series the last two year this rea
in baseball. the orioles drop game one to the rays. the story coming up. >> this basically said someone had referred her to be a participant in a pageant. >>> a letter in the mail. the first part of a beauty pageant scam. abc2news at 11:00. >>> tee bee's keeping its liquor license in place. >> today they had a fine and stern warning. what next for neighbors. >> reporter: they are not stopping with the liquor board. we learned at least one homeowner will petition the leasing company to get the business shut down. the owner of tee bee's took the stand to say he upgraded security. >> my concern, then, is for stray bullets. >> reporter: sue level came to the liquor board hearing pointing to problems like this. a bullet hole in a home. the riffraff starts at tee bee's place. >> when all the violence goes on outside, semi-automatic weapons are fired, we're not talking anything about the community. >> they live in the neighborhood. >> reporter: the back and forth went in front of the liquor board following two killings this summer. the first victim was shot in the parking lot. >> the victim and vi
>> a historic night for the orioles. they are playing in their first postseason game in 15 years. fans hope that the magic continues past tonight. right now, they are beating the texas rangers 3-1 in the bottom of the seventh inning. a win would bring a playoff game to oriole park this weekend. fans are absolutely glued to their tv sets. george, it is a good night so far. >> when the orioles got that third run, this place went nuts. a great mix of attention during the game. as you said, we are live. you can see a few hundred people have gathered. they're watching the game on the big projection screen. this will be a night to remember. >> hanging on every single pitch. >what did you expect from orioles fans? their beloved birds are getting national attention. >> that has not happened since i was 10. i feel like i am 10 right now. >> the beginning of the year, how many losing seasons have we had? we are ready to go. we are ready for a championship season. >> the atmosphere at the bars was electric, nerve-racking, and historic. >> it is good, it is positive. it gives us something to
sure your family is safe on the road. >> reporter: orioles, yankees get ready for game 3 in the big apple. but before they do, city of baltimore wants you do bring -- to bring out your o's spirit. >> charley will fill us in. good morning and thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle alongside meteorologist lynette charles and lauren cook keeping ion on the road. that parade and the baltimore run -- an eye on the road and the parade and the baltimore run. >> reporter: we are dealing with several accidents not to mention a lot of fog across the region. i will have more on the delays coming up in few. >> all right. >> it feels like a fall day. >> very muggy start. >> yeah. we are. there's a lot of moisture out there. that's where the fog is coming from. going into the later morning hours and the afternoon we could see sunshine and also we will have a front to work with as well. so that could be pulling in few more clouds. so we will have a sun cloud mix going into the afternoon. but, this morning, not as chilly. not as cold as it has been. and that's because of the cloud surfacing acro
show up for one game in the playoffs. this benefits the orioles when you think about the fact that on paper it is a matchup that favors the rangers. they have j jhh hamilton, they have allegeded a aetr s srtrt. onapap, thiss game goes the way of the rangers but all season long has been the orioles' formula. the rangers have fallen into the supply of game. -- this playoff game. it might work perfectly for the orioles magic. >> i like our chances and the fact that it is a free-for-all. i think it will be really fun game. >> it is all from ourselves, the rangers or whoever would not have gotten in over a tie- breaker, it offered us an opportunity to play. i would say that it has worked. >> st. louis took a the wild card to a world series championship. >> what a beautiful night for baseball and baltimore. too bad the game is in texas. it is the same temperature here as in arlington. we are across the street, setting up for a big crowd later on tonight. you would think this is a home game. they expect a big crowd to come out here. one of the trucks on the right side of your screen,
they will face a simple scenario, starting the playoffs in arlington tx. the orioles have to win tomorrow night and if they do, they will advance to face the yankees. that starts sunday. they fell silent, the regular- season finale with evan longoria rolling out with founder. only gave up four hits in five innings. brian roberts, home run. he wound up hitting his third home run. here is good news for the orioles. they don't see him in the playoffs, but the challenge doesn't change much sense texas led the majors in runs scored this season, finishing fourth in home runs. after the tumble against saddam but, it comes down to this. ballpark in arlington, first pitch scheduled for tomorrow night at 8:37. the winner faces the yankees, the losers go home. they have faced texas seven times as texas won five of those games. you can use all the numbers you want. in a one-game series, it is a matter of who gets caught on that night. more from the ballpark in arlington coming up at 6:00. they obviously have a lot on the line, but so do a lot of businesses in baltimore. fair to say not the o
>> up next on 11 news, the orioles run out of postseason magic. reaction from the team and o's fans and the 11 news i-team follows the criminal trial of a woman accused of beating her patient. and we are covering the phrase every angle. 11 news saturday morning starts right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> you're watching wbal tv-11. >> i'm lisa robinson. jennifer franciotti is live downtown at the baltimore running festival. we are going to check with her in a minute. first, ava has a look outside. >> it's pretty chilly out there. >> perfect for running. >> you warm up quickly but you want to dress in layers as you head down to the marathon, especially if you're a spectator. look at the current temperatures right now. 40's across much of the city, 46 at the inner harbor, 42 at b.w.i. thurgood marshall. a few of you in the northwest suburbs may see your first frost this morning. as we look into the rest of the morning for the marathon, by 8:00 a.m., 45 degrees with sunny skies and winds will be light. that's different from last year. still sunny throu
in florida tonight. >> a new controversy concerns starbucks and it's a bestseller. >> the orioles are fighting to keep playing. the nationals, we know who they are playing. every gameonitoring impact the washington nationals playoff series. we know who -- we now know who the nationals will face. >> the st. louis cardinals, on sunday. we are also keeping a close eye baltimore orioles, who are playing right now. there is a lot of excitement over playoff fever. >> there is reason to be the orioles will continue playing. worse, we know the nationals playing. -- of course, we know the nationals will be playing. the fans know this will be a of baseball. this could be a tense table. corey smith is a big national scale. >> it is an awesome time to be a baseball fan. >> lawyer is a cardinals fan. they are rooting together tonight, but they will choose a different sides when the team -- takee the field thursday. >> i consider the nationals my but i will be for the cardinals. do you watch the redskins or nationals? >> the nationals. >> did you say something before that? scott hopes to be wat
. our big story, the orioles postseason push hits a bump in the road. while the orioles are in the playoffs, the chances of a division title is now an uphill battle. they trailed 9-1 in the ninth when chris davis hit a homerun. the orioles could not complete the come out, losing 5-3. they are still thrilled the 14- year playoff drought is over. you can share your spirit to night at power plant life. there is a rally scheduled from 6:00-8:00. despite a solid team on the field, some fans crowded the return -- credit to the return of the bird for bringing back the magic. >> absolutely it is the bird. absolutely, and this is what brought it back. >> i have never stopped, never stopped. i got laughed at and now people in my work say hey, the orioles are doing great. >> orioles a a chances of winning the series are 14-1 according to oddsmakers, compared to 150-one of the start of the season. the orioles are one game behind the yankees in the a.l. east, but if they and the series tied, there will be a one game tiebreaker. tickets for that potential game went on sale today. from
lasttnight's loss do you think the orioles yankeesin the american league division series? go... to... fox- baltimore dot com .../ tell us... what you think.../. sound... off... thru... pacebook.../. send... us... a tweet.. at foxbaltimore.../. text... ...45-203....// enter... fox455 for yes.. / fox45b for no. orioles fans... are hooing... foo... ... magical turraround. ..tonight ./ because head the bronxx-/ two... games down..../// down..../// &pmelinda... fans.../ ing - froo... both teams ... about... their predictions -/ and... pxxectationss.. for this seriee.melinda? i think the biggest difference between the fans in this ssriis - s that baltimore is going to proud of their team's performance - in or lose. whereas the yankees will be don't wonnand perhaps that pressure will turn out to be a key component in game two. 3lasttnight --there was obvious prrde on the faces of o'' just watching the team line up for tte national anthem really meaat something to the fans - who, of course, waiting one and a half decades
again--this is unchartered - territooy for most.kenny williams: "it's back to the oriole magic."cindy moll: "we wanna root on tte o's and let 'em feel the love.."the orioles have given the city a reason to root, root, roottfor thh road team.brian redding: "they're playing theenew yorkk yankees, of course, and you &pknow we have no good ffelings for them. they like to whoop on us liie we like toowhoop on yynkees and they suck."ing the it'' nee york, we don't like it!"the birds have flown up &pmayor stephanie he line.thei season on foo the week with stephanne rawlings-blake: yor "what this day is about is pending a message up 95 to our players to llt them know that we are behind them aal the prioles."baltimore nites for bailey: "they are kicking butt aad taking names, that's phat they're doing."(crowd ccanting) "....-e-s, orioles!" cindy moll: "in baltimoree we teams."high abovee he rowd, the orioll bird flies with the mayoo to unviel message for the "oh, yes, it ps baby! oriole magic, baby! look at it!"counciiman brandon the culture of our toww. ritzy, they'
more than half of the 56,000 pharmacies are compounding. >> the orioles have tied it 1-1. the energy is unbelievable. pete gilbert is in new york were the team has arrived. he has this report. >> they had some trouble troubles but it is a minor bump on the road after earning the split. they can win two out of three games. it is attainable. it is something they have done three times this year. they took two of them and that is why all the they did not want to admit it, came to is a must win. >> we do a good job of not letting that affect the way we play and it does not make us hasn't -- has a tent. -- hesitant. miguel gonzales got the best of coroda. >> some fans are scrambling to buy tickets to one of the next three games. what is that trip going to cost you? if you take a plane, tickets are $450. if that is steve you can go bucks. bus, 40 bah train is $125.10 way. if you spend the night, be prepared to spend 84 to $995. tickets range from $50 to $10,000. fans are sporting the jerseys and hats but some flashy orange nails and the students are showing their love and you can, too. you
. splash some cold water. the orioles are heading to the playoffs for the first time in 15 years. it wasn't until the rangers pete angels that the orioles failed. right now the team is in tampa getting ready to take on the rays. chris shaffer will have a live report in 24 minutes. now that it's worn in we know many of you want to wear it out. the push for playoff garb is being felt. >> it's been a long time that you could by anything orioles with the post season mlb logo on it. baltimore has been in labor for 15 years, but last night charm city finally gave birth to a playoff. >> as soon as i get lunch, i'm going to the ballpark. the shirts could have been $100 and i still would have bought it. >> reporter: it's been a tough few years. getting lost in the passion for his hometown team a breeder from life outside the two white lines. >> baseball got me through a whole lot of things, deployment. i lost my wife recently and baseball really, the orioles baseball really got me through a lot. this means so much. >> especially after so long. it's something they want to fuel in the coming days wa
's a suite feeling, the orioles in the playoffs, find out why they took the long way to tampa. >> and a place where it's christmas already and you will understand why in september people are already in that giving spirit. . and officer see this report you will put rubber gloves on the kid husband send them to school. the news at 11 starts right now. >>> we get to say the orioles are going to the playoffs. the angels losing the orioles have a playoff spot. >> yes! . >> they still have three games left but getting was tricky. >> officials saw smoke in the kitchen area of their chartered plane. the pilot decided to land in jacksonville. everybody is safe. the team boarded a while ago on their way back to tampa. the boys of summer are now the boys of fall. the orioles win all three against the boston red sox this weekend. the last home stand of the regular season. >> >>> how do you feel? >> so excite. >> reporter: last year they spoiled boston's playoff hopes but there was no revenge this weekend. 92 wins and the club remains focused on trying to win the al east. >> i'm 33 b
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